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Unconditional statements in C

An unconditional statement in C is one that is executed without regard for whether a certain condition is true or false. Unconditional statements are processed sequentially, one after the other, and do not rely on any conditional logic.

2-D Array in C

A two-dimensional (2D) array is an arrangement of items in C that are arranged in a grid and are individually identified by a pair of indices: a row index and a column index. A 2D array can be compared to a table or matrix that has rows and columns. A 2D array in C is declared, initialised, and used as follows:

NullPointerException in Java

A NullPointerException is a runtime exception in Java that happens when you attempt to perform an operation on a null object reference. In other words, you're attempting to access a member (such as a method or field) of an object that hasn't yet been initialized, which results in a null reference.

String Buffer in Java

The String Buffer class in Java provides a modifiable sequence of characters. It is commonly used when you need to dynamically edit strings without continuously generating new objects.

How to implement JWT Token in Asp.Net core 7

Hello, readers, and welcome to Code2Night! In this blog post, we will focus on the latter and explore how to implement JWT Token Authentication in ASP.NET Core 7.0 Web api and .net core 7 web application. So we will see how we will generate jwt token and how we will verify the token using authorize attribute.

java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in Java

An ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException is a runtime exception in Java that happens when you attempt to access an array element with an index that is outside the array's valid range of indices. In other words, you're attempting to access an element in the array at an index that doesn't exist.

Climbing the Career Ladder: Advancement Opportunities in Software Engineering

In the technologically driven era we live in, software engineering stands not just as a profession but as a dynamic and vibrant journey. This journey is filled with opportunities for continuous learning, growth, and professional advancement. For those who dare to delve into its intricacies and navigate its challenges, software engineering offers numerous routes to personal and professional development.

How To Utilize Live AI Chat agent Software For Your Business

Small businesses often struggle to provide prompt responses to customer inquiries and concerns, which can lead to a negative customer experience and potential losing valuable customers. To improve customer service, businesses can consider hiring a support team for call and email responses or implementing chat support services on their website.

Implicit wait V/s Explicit wait In Java

In Selenium WebDriver, both implicit wait and explicit wait are mechanisms to control the timing of interactions with web elements, especially when elements might not be immediately available due to various reasons such as dynamic content loading, AJAX requests, etc. Both techniques help in synchronizing your tests with the actual behavior of the web application.

Linked Hashset In Java

The Java Collections Framework's LinkedHashSet is an implementation of the Set interface. It combines the advantages of LinkedList and HashSet. The order in which the elements were added to the set is the iteration order that the LinkedHashSet preserves. It offers constant-time performance for fundamental operations and disallows duplicate elements, just like HashSet.

How to upload Image file using AJAX and jquery

So starting of from the beginning Ajax is used for Asynchronous Javascript and XML. We can use it for many purposes. Few basic uses of Ajax are:- Update page without reloading the page providing better performance. Request data from a server - after the page has loaded which can be used in loading Partial Views. Send data to a server without reload - in the background making it easier to performance Save, Delete operations smoothly. Ajax in Asp.Net MVC

How to generate pdf using itextsharp in mvc

In this article, we'll walk you through the process of using iTextSharp to create PDF documents within an ASP.NET MVC project. We'll dissect the code you've provided and explain each step to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the implementation. So follow the steps for learning How to generate pdf using itextsharp in mvc.

Exception Handling Asp.Net Core

Error Handling in Asp.Net Core has changed a bit from what we used to use in Asp.Net Mvc. Before .Net Core We used to use OnException Methods to handle Exceptions while executing actions But it doesn't' see working in .Net Core as many features are changed.So In this Article we will see how to make exception handling work in Asp.Net Core.

C# collection

For many applications, you want to create and manage groups of related objects. There are two ways to group objects: by creating arrays of objects, and by creating collections of objects. Arrays are most useful for creating and working with a fixed number of strongly typed objects. For information about arrays, see Arrays.

How to Integrate Linkedin Login With Open Id Connect in Asp.Net MVC

So, nowadays it is really important while developing applications that users don't have to waste a lot of time trying to register or go inside your web application. So, keeping in mind the need of today's world we have few Social Login available that are getting used mostly. These include Google Login, Linkedin, and Microsoft. In this article we will see How to Integrate Linkedin Login With Open Id Connect in Asp.Net MVC.

Globalization and localization in ASP.NET Core With Resource Files

In this article we will focus on implementing Globalization and localization in ASP.NET Core With Resource Files . We will be trying to implement culture in Asp.Net core 3.1.So if your are struggling in using you Asp.Net Resource Files in .net core have a look at the article in detail.

Using Ajax in Asp.Net MVC

Hello guys, in this article we will tell you about what is Ajax? and how it can help you create better projects with better performance.Ajax basically used for Asynchronous Javascript and XML. As the name defines it helps you make server side operation asynchronously or you can say without reloading the page. So we will see few examples of using Ajax in Asp.Net MVC.

How to use api with proxy url in Asp.Net for CORS

In modern web development, it's common to interact with external APIs or services to retrieve data for your application. However, when your web application runs in a browser and makes requests to a different domain or origin, you may encounter Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) restrictions. We will see how to use api with proxy url in website. This also helps us to resolve CORS errors.







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