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Inheritance is the concept that is used for code reusability and changeability purpose.

The report definition is not valid or is not supported by this version of reporting

Hello guys in this article we will see how to solve an exception when you try to use old rdlc report and make changes into that . You will see you will get an exception ReportProcessingException: The report definition is not valid. Details: The report definition has an invalid target namespace '' which cannot be upgraded. We will see how to solve that.

Introduction in C++

C++ is a powerful, high-level programming language that is widely used for developing a wide range of applications, from system software to video games and web applications. It was developed as an extension of the C programming language and introduced several features that make it a versatile and efficient language for software development.

Exception Handling and Creating Exception Logs in MVC

So basically in a MVC Project we often use many controllers for making our web project functional.So one way is to handle exception separately on all of them or we can simple use a Base Controller. A Base controller can be told as a parent controller from which all other controller will inherit.So in that way Exception handling performed on Base Controller will get applied on all controllers which inherits from this controller.

Input/Output Statements in C++

In C++, input and output operations are commonly performed using the Standard Input/Output Library, which includes the <iostream> header. This library provides the 'cin' and 'cout' objects for reading input and displaying output, respectively.

Method Parameter

They are identify after method name and in the bracket.The information can be given to method as a parameter

NoSuchwindowException in Java

The NoSuchWindowException in Java is an exception that's thrown when a WebDriver (typically from a Selenium framework) tries to switch to a window that does not exist. This usually occurs in web automation scenarios when you're working with multiple browser windows or tabs

Introduction of HTML

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is defined as the standard markup language for creating and structuring web pages. It forms the backbone of the World Wide Web and is essential for creating and rendering web content in web browsers. HTML is not a programming language; rather, it is a markup language used to define the structure and content of web documents.

Classes in C++

In C++, classes are the building blocks of object-oriented programming (OOP). They serve as blueprints or templates for creating objects. Classes define the structure and behavior of objects, encapsulating data (attributes) and functions (methods) that operate on that data.

Access Modifiers in Java

In Java, access modifiers are keywords that control the visibility and accessibility of classes, fields, methods, and other members within a class or package.


It is a way to represent memory location through symbol so that it can be easily identified.

Slick Slider

In this tutorial we’ll use slick Slider , A Slick Slider is a popular jQuery plugin, to build an attractive responsive image gallery. Slick.js is a well-known jQuery plugin created by Ken Wheeler that lets you build beautiful responsive carousels. so what I going to do is to create a custom slider one of my favorite slider is the slick slider. You can create a custom slider by following the steps below.

Control Statements in C

In C, control statements are used to control the flow of program execution based on certain conditions or loops. These statements allow you to make decisions and repeat actions in your code

NullPointerException in Java

A NullPointerException is a runtime exception in Java that happens when you attempt to perform an operation on a null object reference. In other words, you're attempting to access a member (such as a method or field) of an object that hasn't yet been initialized, which results in a null reference.

Hangfire in ASP.NET Core 3.1 – Background Jobs

Hangfire is an open-source library to schedule and execute background jobs in .NET applications. You'll be able to create a simple background process inside the same application pool or thread without creating separate applications. Hangfire creates background jobs in persistence storage, like MS SQL Server, Redis, MongoDB, and others, that may prevent you from losing the job on recycling IIS pools or exception prevalence.

Break and Continue

The break statement is used to terminate the loop or statement in which it present. This statement is used to skip over the execution part of the loop on a certain condition.

Chapter-1 (Introduction of C)

C is a general-purpose, procedural programming language created by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs in the early 1970s. It was designed to be a system programming language and eventually became widely used due to its power, flexibility, and efficiency. Here are some key aspects and features of the C programming language:

Globalization and localization in ASP.NET Core With Resource Files

In this article we will focus on implementing Globalization and localization in ASP.NET Core With Resource Files . We will be trying to implement culture in Asp.Net core 3.1.So if your are struggling in using you Asp.Net Resource Files in .net core have a look at the article in detail.

Linked List In Java

In Java, the LinkedList class implements the List interface and provides a doubly-linked list data structure. It provides a versatile means of storing and manipulating a collection of items. A LinkedList, unlike an ArrayList, uses references to connect components rather than contiguous memory allocation.

Tag or mention people like WhatsApp & Skype by using @ in Angular

Hello guys, often while working with angular js you sometimes have requirement of implementing chat functionality where user can press @ and select users from the list , similar to what we do on skype or all big chatting platforms. For that purpose we can use Angular-mentions which is a package in Angular js for skype like @ chat functionality. We will see how to use that in detail.

How to implement JWT Token in Asp.Net core 7

Hello, readers, and welcome to Code2Night! In this blog post, we will focus on the latter and explore how to implement JWT Token Authentication in ASP.NET Core 7.0 Web api and .net core 7 web application. So we will see how we will generate jwt token and how we will verify the token using authorize attribute.

Image Compression in MVC

Hello guys , now a days we often provide users the ability to upload images in our web projects. But we have to sometimes utilize the memory for big size images as they can easily full up the memory of server. So for that we can use image compression while uploading image. In this article we will see how to perform Image Compression in MVC.

Child internet safety

Child internet safety refers to the precautions, guidelines, and measures taken to protect children from potential dangers and risks associated with their use of the internet and online platforms. As children increasingly access the internet for educational, entertainment, and social purposes, it becomes essential to ensure their online safety. Here are some key aspects of child internet safety:

Functions In C++

Because there are no library functions with predetermined definitions, a user-defined function is one that is written by the user when writing any application. To fulfill the user's individual needs, the user must create his or her own functions. Such functions must be appropriately defined by the user. There is no such necessity to include any specific library in the program.







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