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NoSuchwindowException in Java

The NoSuchWindowException in Java is an exception that's thrown when a WebDriver (typically from a Selenium framework) tries to switch to a window that does not exist. This usually occurs in web automation scenarios when you're working with multiple browser windows or tabs

Swich Statement in C

A control structure in C called a switch statement is used to make decisions based on the value of a variable or expression. It enables you to run a block of code connected to the first matching case after testing a variable against a set of values (cases). The switch statement's fundamental grammar is as follows:


Polymorphism means many forms. This allows us to perform a single action in different ways.

Globalization and localization in ASP.NET Core With Resource Files

In this article we will focus on implementing Globalization and localization in ASP.NET Core With Resource Files . We will be trying to implement culture in Asp.Net core 3.1.So if your are struggling in using you Asp.Net Resource Files in .net core have a look at the article in detail.

Access Modifiers in Java

In Java, access modifiers are keywords that control the visibility and accessibility of classes, fields, methods, and other members within a class or package.

Chapter-3 (Input/Output functions in C)

In C, input and output functions are used to interact with the user and the external world. These functions allow you to read data from the user or files and write data to the screen or files. The standard library provides several functions for input and output

Linked List In Java

In Java, the LinkedList class implements the List interface and provides a doubly-linked list data structure. It provides a versatile means of storing and manipulating a collection of items. A LinkedList, unlike an ArrayList, uses references to connect components rather than contiguous memory allocation.

do-while loop in C

A do-while loop is a sort of loop construct in C that repeatedly runs a block of code as long as a stated condition is true. The do-while loop, as opposed to the while loop, ensures that the code block is performed at least once, even if the condition is initially false. The basic syntax of a do-while loop in C is as follows:

Control Statements in C

In C, control statements are used to control the flow of program execution based on certain conditions or loops. These statements allow you to make decisions and repeat actions in your code

How to use Jquery Datatables in

In this article, we'll walk through the process of creating an ASP.NET MVC application that displays a list of employees using jQuery DataTables. This powerful plugin provides advanced interaction controls to any HTML table, making it a great choice for displaying data in a user-friendly manner.So we will see how to use jquery datatables in

Attribute of table in HTML

In HTML, the table tag is used to create tables to display data in a structured grid format. The table tag can contain several attributes that help in defining and customizing the behavior and appearance of the table.

Climbing the Career Ladder: Advancement Opportunities in Software Engineering

In the technologically driven era we live in, software engineering stands not just as a profession but as a dynamic and vibrant journey. This journey is filled with opportunities for continuous learning, growth, and professional advancement. For those who dare to delve into its intricacies and navigate its challenges, software engineering offers numerous routes to personal and professional development.

Implicit wait V/s Explicit wait In Java

In Selenium WebDriver, both implicit wait and explicit wait are mechanisms to control the timing of interactions with web elements, especially when elements might not be immediately available due to various reasons such as dynamic content loading, AJAX requests, etc. Both techniques help in synchronizing your tests with the actual behavior of the web application.

Linked Hashset In Java

The Java Collections Framework's LinkedHashSet is an implementation of the Set interface. It combines the advantages of LinkedList and HashSet. The order in which the elements were added to the set is the iteration order that the LinkedHashSet preserves. It offers constant-time performance for fundamental operations and disallows duplicate elements, just like HashSet.

Integrate Stripe Payment Gateway In ASP.NET Core 7.0

This tutorial demonstrates how to accept payments with Stripe Checkout in an ASP.NET Core 7.0 application built with C# . The application uses Checkout to accept credit cards from the end user and send tokens to a back-end API. The back-end controller uses the Stripe .NET library to create a charge. We are using latest version on Stripe.Net api in this. Check out complete steps to Integrate Stripe Payment Gateway In ASP.NET Core 7.0

How to Create Subscriptions in Paypal in Asp.Net Core

In this article, we'll dive into integrating PayPal subscriptions into an ASP.NET Core application. PayPal offers a robust API that allows developers to create and manage subscription plans seamlessly. We'll walk through a sample code snippet that demonstrates how to create a subscription plan, add a product, and initiate a subscription for a user.

Chapter1 CSS

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a style sheet language used to describe the display of an HTML or XML document. It allows web developers to control the appearance and layout of multiple web pages at once. Here's a detailed overview of some fundamental CSS properties:

DataReader in ADO.NET

There are two common objects in ADO.NET to read data, DataSet, and DataReader. C# DataSet and C# DataReader classes represent these objects. In this article, we'll learn about ADO.NET DataReader and how to use a DataReader in C#.

C# collection

For many applications, you want to create and manage groups of related objects. There are two ways to group objects: by creating arrays of objects, and by creating collections of objects. Arrays are most useful for creating and working with a fixed number of strongly typed objects. For information about arrays, see Arrays.

Integrating Google reCAPTCHA Validation in ASP.NET MVC

In today's digital landscape, security is paramount for any web application. One effective way to enhance security and protect against bots is by integrating Google reCAPTCHA. reCAPTCHA is a free service provided by Google that helps to distinguish between human and automated traffic on websites. In this article, we'll explore how to integrate Google reCAPTCHA into an ASP.NET MVC application.

How To Utilize Live AI Chat agent Software For Your Business

Small businesses often struggle to provide prompt responses to customer inquiries and concerns, which can lead to a negative customer experience and potential losing valuable customers. To improve customer service, businesses can consider hiring a support team for call and email responses or implementing chat support services on their website.

Chapter 3 CSS (Define ID in CSS)

In HTML and CSS, an ID (identifier) is a unique attribute used to identify an individual element on a webpage. Each ID must be unique within the document, distinguishing one element from all others.

While Loop

C# provides the while loop to repeatedly execute a block of code as long as the specified condition returns false. The while loop starts with the while keyword, and it must include a boolean conditional expression inside brackets that returns either true or false. It executes the code block until the specified conditional expression returns false. The condition is given in the beginning of the loop and all statements are executed till the given boolean condition satisfies when the condition becomes false, the control will be out from the while loop else It executes the code block until the specified conditional expression returns false.

Method Overriding in Java

Overriding methods is a key idea in Java object-oriented programming. It enables a subclass to provide a particular implementation of a method defined in the superclass. When you override a method, you replace the superclass's inherited implementation with your own version in the subclass. This allows for polymorphism and dynamic method dispatch.

Introduction in C++

C++ is a powerful, high-level programming language that is widely used for developing a wide range of applications, from system software to video games and web applications. It was developed as an extension of the C programming language and introduced several features that make it a versatile and efficient language for software development.

Real Time Chat using SignalR with .Net core and Vue.js

Hello guys, We often found ourself in the need of a realtime chat app . For two way communication in your webapp. We will see how to implement real time chat using SignalR with .Net core and Vue.js. SignalR is basically used for any sort of realtime functionalities. We will use .Net core for managing chathub . You can see complete steps in the article.

How to implement Authorize.Net Payment gateway in mvc

Hello guys, we often want to integrate payment gateways in our Asp.Net applications. Some of the most popular payment gateways are Authorize net, payumoney,paypal,stripe and razorpay. We have already covered payumoney and stripe in our blogs. In this article we will see How to implement Authorize.Net Payment gateway in mvc.

lists in HTML

Lists in HTML are essential for structuring information, creating navigation menus, and organizing content in a readable and accessible manner on web pages.

Introduction of HTML

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is defined as the standard markup language for creating and structuring web pages. It forms the backbone of the World Wide Web and is essential for creating and rendering web content in web browsers. HTML is not a programming language; rather, it is a markup language used to define the structure and content of web documents.

2-D Array in C

A two-dimensional (2D) array is an arrangement of items in C that are arranged in a grid and are individually identified by a pair of indices: a row index and a column index. A 2D array can be compared to a table or matrix that has rows and columns. A 2D array in C is declared, initialised, and used as follows:

ConfigurationBuilder does not contain a definition for SetBasePath

In this article we will see how to solve issue 'ConfigurationBuilder' does not contain a definition for 'SetBasePath' and no extension method 'SetBasePath' accepting a first argument of type 'ConfigurationBuilder' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference? in .Net Core 3. We will see how to ready json files in .Net core 3.

How to Encrypt and Decrypt Password in Asp.Net

Hello guys, we all need to secure our applications against unwanted user attacks, for saving privacy and maintaining application security. So for that purpose, we have to keep our passwords Encrypted in the Database. So, we will see how to Encrypt and Decrypt Passwords in Asp.Net.

Error-An error occurred while processing your request in .Net core IIS

Hello guys we will see how to fix Error An error occurred while processing your request.Swapping to Development environment will display more detailed information about the error that occurred.The Development environment shouldn't be enabled for deployed applications. It can result in displaying sensitive information from exceptions to end users. For local debugging, enable the Development environment by setting the ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT environment variable to Development. In core IIS


A NumberFormatException is produced in Java when you try to convert a string to a numeric type (such as int, double, float, etc.) but the string's format is incompatible with the required format for that numeric type. This is common when using parsing techniques such as Integer.parseInt(), Double.parseDouble(), or Float.parseFloat().

String Joiner

The String Joiner class in Java makes it easy to connect several strings with a defined delimiter. It is very useful for concatenating strings in a loop or dealing with string collections.

Integrating Google Translate into ASP.NET Webpage

Expanding the reach of your ASP.NET webpage by making it accessible to users from diverse linguistic backgrounds is essential for enhancing user experience and increasing engagement. One effective way to achieve this is by integrating Google Translate into your Asp.Net webpage, enabling users to translate the content into their preferred language effortlessly.

If Else Statement

In C# if-else statement also tests the condition. It executes the if block if the condition is true otherwise else block, is executed. the else statement to specify a block of code to be executed if the condition is False. the if-else statement checks a Boolean expression and executes the code based on if the expression is true or false. The if part of the code executes when the value of the expression is true. The else part of the code is executed when the value of the expression is false.







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